Robot Gripper

End of Arm Tooling

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Robot DressPack 

Specifically developed for complex robot applications, automation and robotic  equipment systems stand up to extreme stress and movement. Universally applicable fastening elements provide freedom of movement needed for high working speeds and precise repeat accuracy, and can be  combined to create designs for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components.

For the first time in Korea, CPS developed new cable protection system, " Roboway " which is used in the robotic application and prevents the cables from twisting, damaging or breaking.
In addition, as Robo-kit leads the movement of cables, it minimizes the friction and interference at the same time. It makes both lifespan of cable prolonged and robot move freely.

Tool Changers

Robot System Products tool changers are designed to maximize the fl exibility and reliability of your robot fl eet. Robustness and high safety are combined with low weight and compactness. Depending on model and options, electrical signals, weld and servo power, data, water and compressed air are transferred from the robot side to the tool.

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